Bela Balla (1882-1965), Hungarian


Oil on board in parcel ebonized/gilt frame.

Signed on recto.

(Combray Gallery ref# FA15)

Painter and graphic artist, Balla was educated at the Nagybánya Free School (Baia Mare, Romania) from 1904 to 1905. He regarded the painter Károly Ferenczy as his master teacher. Subsequently, he continued his studies in Munich and went on study trips to Florence and Rome. From 1927 to 1942 he worked in his native town and in an artist town colony Nagybánya in Hungary, alternately. He was elected member of the electoral board of the Association of Nagybánya Artists formed in 1937 and a core member of the Society of Nagybánya Painters newly founded in 1941. Following his impressionist beginnings he turned to decorative movements and painted landscapes, still lives and figural compositions. He was an exceptionally productive artist. However, his picture creation represents uneven tendencies of quality. He painted traditional naturalistic and impressionistic landscapes. He was affected by Art Nouveau movement but Matisse´s art also had an impact on him. He was fascinated by modern French art and deemed Sándor Ziffer´s painting to be exemplary within the colony. He presented his work at several group and solo exhibitions - in Budapest in 1911, several times in Arad, Szatmár (Satu Mare) and Kolozsvár (Cluj), now part of Romania.

Year: 1940.

Measurements: 28 3/4″, 22 3/4″ h (including frame)