Established in 2013 by industry veteran Zoran Popovic, Combray Gallery borrowed its name from Marcel Proust’s magnum opus “In Search of Lost Time” (A La Recherche du Temps Perdu). With its central position in the main thoroughfare shopping district of historic and picturesque Hudson, New York, the gallery is surrounded by other art and antiques dealers, edgy bespoke boutiques, fine restaurants and excellent small hotels.

We deal in furniture, lighting and decorative arts spanning 250 years of European applied arts history and our collection is carefully selected based on merit, aesthetics and functionality. With special focus on furniture from 1880 -1950 (Art Nouveau through early Modernism periods) as well as neoclassical span (1780 – 1830), core of our assemblage is utilitarian pieces with distinguished period aesthetic while crown of our collection is formed of unsurpassed applied arts jewels imagined by some of the most accomplished furniture designers, interior designers and artists from the continent which are primarily meant to serve as objects of art and to stimulate the intellect. In this regard, we are especially passionate about eccentric and whimsical designs of great Carlo Bugatti (1856-1940).

Furthermore, we also offer works of selected established contemporary artists as well as fine traditional landscapes and paintings of animals.

Nearly all of Combray Gallery inventory is sourced and imported from Europe and is expertly restored in the US under our close supervision. We are delighted to cultivate relationships with numerous accomplished large and small interior design and architecture firms as well as private and public collectors in USA and globally.

Many thanks for your patronage.


While fully embracing and celebrating fourth industrial revolution era and with clear understanding of the industry transformation it brings, Combray Gallery founder Zoran Popovic still believes that mystery and alchemy represent essential ingredients of antiques trade. Led by this conviction, he sources the stock with playful imagination while maintaining integrity, ethics and authenticity as well as boutique approach based on great personal relationships with his clients as core values of Combray Gallery. Zoran cut his teeth in the time of polaroids, before Modernism coup and industry mass-commercialized by online antiques and design supermarkets. He got his start in trendy Soho based Greene Street Antiques, the largest Scandinavian dealership in 1990’s Manhattan, and he progressed to work for a number of years with distinguished academic dealer Heinrich “Heinz” Leichter, great authority on German and Austrian decorative arts and founder of eponymous Ritter Antik (est. 1968), located on East 10th Street, a Manhattan block famous for some of the best European antiques and design galleries in the city. Zoran also helms Popovic Appraisal & Consulting, a full service USPAP qualified appraisal firm he founded in 2011.