Combray Gallery borrowed its name from Marcel Proust’s magnum opus “In Search of Lost Time” (A La Recherche du Temps Perdu). Just like reading Proust in these modern busy times is a long lasting adventure for many – discovering, studying and acquiring works of design and art created by generations of uniquely talented creative minds (and hands) is a continuing process. No matter how much time is dedicated to this endeavor (and we at Combray Gallery invested more than 20 years so far), there are constant comet-like flashes of unique, exciting gems previously veiling in hidden collections throughout the world. We at Combray Gallery see our role in this cacophony of beauty to be that of a guide to our clients, navigating them through applied arts history we have chosen to study and focus on for more than 2 decades – European neoclassical furniture and 20th Century design; and assisting them with acquiring fragments of that history, thereby inviting them to join global family of connoisseurs and collectors who play noble role of guardians and conservationists of historical beauty and cultural heritage.

Core of our collection is great quality pieces from various periods we carefully choose based on merit, aesthetics and functionality while crown of our collection is formed of applied arts jewels imagined by some of the most accomplished designers and architects meant to stimulate the intellect as much as to be utilitarian.

Great majority of our stock is sourced and imported from Europe and is expertly restored in the US under our close supervision. Combray Gallery supplies numerous accomplished interior design and architecture firms as well as collectors in USA and globally. We recognize currents and trends in the world of interior decoration and contemporary architecture and we offer generous selection of 20th Century Modernist works, however, we are passionately dedicated followers of style ancien and our stock will always comprise of fine neoclassical pieces as well as earlier examples of antiques and decorative arts.

To compliment our assemblage, we also offer works of selected modern and contemporary artists as well as fine traditional landscapes and paintings of animals.

Combray Gallery founder Zoran Popovic is a veteran dealer with more than 20 years of experience. Former director of eponymous Manhattan gallery Ritter Antik, Zoran helms Popovic Appraisal and Consulting, full service USPAP qualified appraisal firm ( since 2011. After migrating upstate New York in 2013, Zoran launched Combray Gallery in Hudson – exciting and dynamic town 2 hours north of Manhattan known for it’s antiques and art galleries as well as numerous fine restaurants and boutique hotels. Conveniently located, Hudson has a direct train line to Manhattan’s Grand Central Station and has some of the most exciting architecture in the state of New York.

We would like to thank you for awarding us a chance to supply you with great quality antiques. We especially appreciate your attention given today’s noisy market with numerous seemingly convenient if not overwhelming and sometimes non-transparent online shopping options. While at that, we would like to encourage you to purchase authentic antiques from reputable dealers with proven track record and integrity – this way you will get full guarantee for your purchase as well as gilt-edged service.